Aug 11

DJ Disco Wiz

DJ, Puerto Rican and Cuban

Fact: He was the first Latino DJ in hip-hop history.

Aug 11

Charlie Chase

DJ, Puerto Rican

Fact: Founding member of the Cold Crush Brothers and would routinely infuse his sets with Latin rhythms.

Aug 11

Lee Quinones

Graffiti artist, Puerto Rican

Fact: Portrayed graffiti artist Zoro in the seminal hip-hop film, Wild Style

Aug 11

Rock Steady Crew

B-boys and b-girls, various

Fact: The breaking dancing squad holds workshops all over the world.

Aug 11

Prince Whipper Whip

MC, Puerto Rican

Fact: He is a member of Grandwizard Theodore & The Fantastic Five.

Aug 11

Crazy Legs

B-Boy, Puerto Rican

Fact: President of B-Boy collective, the Rock Steady Crew.

Aug 11

Ruby Dee

MC, Puerto Rican

Fact: He’s an original member of the Fantastic Five.